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Canadian Immigration


Every person, considering immigrating abroad, realizes the crucial changes he has to face and is not always ready to risk everything he has in order to try a new unknown life in another country or another continent.


Let’s start with some statistics. Every third person in Ukraine and the world is thinking about immigrating. This is testified by the data obtained from sociological survey. The survey has also shown that the majority of those who want to immigrate are youth and people with higher education. Many years USA and Canada have been countries which traditionally accept a large quantity of immigrants. Let’s dwell upon immigrating to Canada in detail. One of the most popular immigrating categories is a Skilled Worker category. It is for specialists who have appropriate education and work experience. Your obvious question would be: why do people want to immigrate particularly to Canada? The answer to it is right at our fingertips and is proved by reliable facts about Canada and its immigration. Firstly, Canada is the only country that is targeting at accepting new immigrants. According to the Citizenship and Immigration Canada program, the country annually issues about 250 000 immigration visas.


Secondly, Canada takes the 6th place in the world in the level of population income. In Canada you can work for any employer you like or start your own business. Well-developed social safety net for all people across Canada allows you to enjoy free medical coverage, secondary education, high pensions, as well as protection by the labor laws. There is always the possibility for immigration of all family (as the immigration to Canada program allows you to take your spouse and children under the age of 22).


Thirdly, you benefit from improved way of immigrating to Canada as nowadays the processing time for receiving a visa takes up to 1 year. After 3 years of living in Canada you can apply for citizenship. Canadian citizenship gives you the right to enter 90 countries of the world without getting visas. And, finally, Canada is always among the top five countries in the world that have the highest standard of living.


We are more than happy to assist you in the procedure of getting the permanent resident visa to Canada, beginning with the estimation of your chances for immigration, preparing you for taking the English language exams and providing you with the guidance until your arrival to Canada. For more information, please dial the number you see on the screen and leave your message.


At present Canada is one those few countries in the world that offers residence to well-educated and professionally skilled people. That is why immigrating to Canada is your chance to embody your present dreams into successful future. Here are some amazing facts about Canada:

  • Canada has two official languages: English and French.

  • It takes only 3 years of permanent residence in Canada, in order to be able to apply for Citizenship and receive Canadian passport.

  • Canada allows its citizens to have dual Citizenship.

  • Canada has developed one of the most successful immigration policies in the world.

  • The average life expectancy at birth for a Canadian is 81.16 years, the 8th highest in the world. The United States ranks 46th, at 78.14 years.

  • Canadians enjoy a publicly funded universal health insurance system.

  • Canada has 11 universities in the top 200 of the THE/QS league table, according to the 2009 ranking, behind only USA and UK.

  • Canada is one of the world’s wealthiest countries. It has a very high per capita income.

  • quality of life of any other city in the world.

  • Toronto is the largest city of Canada, with a population of more than 5 million

  • people. Toronto dwellers hold more university degrees than any other big city in the world.


Our firm will evaluate your chances for Canadian Immigration free based on the following criteria:

Federal Skilled Worker:

  • For skilled worker applicants who intend to reside in any province or territory, except Quebec

  • Have at least one year of continuous full-time or equivalent paid work experience in the past 10 years in one of the 24 eligible occupations; or

  • Qualify for Arranged Employment with a Labour Market Opinion and a full-time, permanent job offer from a Canadian employer; or

  • Have completed a PhD in Canada, or have completed two years of study in Canada towards a PhD, in both cases at a recognized institution; and

  • Pass a minimum threshold of language ability for one of Canada’s two official languages (English/French)

  • In addition, Federal Skilled Worker (Professional) applicants must attain at least 67 points based on Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s (CIC) immigration selection factors.

    • The selection factors are summarized as follows:

    • Education: Applicants are awarded up to 25 points.

    • Language Skills: Applicants are awarded up to 28 total points (24-first official language, 4-second official language).

    • Work Experience: Applicants are awarded up to 15 points for paid skilled work experience acquired in the last 10 years. A minimum of 9 points is required.

    • Age: Applicants are awarded up to 12 points.

    • Arranged Employment: Applicants are awarded up to 10 points.

    • Adaptability: Applicants are awarded up to 10 points.

  • In addition to fulfilling eligibility and points requirements, applicants must show that they have sufficient settlement funds to support themselves and their dependants after arrival in Canada. Applicants and their dependants must also undergo medical examinations and security clearances as part of the Canadian immigration application process.

    Qualifying Occupations for Federal Skilled Worker

  • 0211 Engineering managers

  • 1112 Financial and investment analysts

  • 2113 Geoscientists and oceanographers

  • 2131 Civil engineers

  • 2132 Mechanical engineers

  • 2134 Chemical engineers

  • 2143 Mining engineers

  • 2144 Geological engineers

  • 2145 Petroleum engineers

  • 2146 Aerospace engineers

  • 2147 Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers)

  • 2154 Land surveyors

  • 2174 Computer programmers and interactive media developers

  • 2243 Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics

  • 2263 Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety

  • 3141 Audiologists and speech-language pathologists

  • 3142 Physiotherapists

  • 3143 Occupational Therapists

  • 3211 Medical laboratory technologists

  • 3212 Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants

  • 3214 Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists

  • 3215 Medical radiation technologists

  • 3216 Medical sonographers

  • 3217 Cardiology technicians and electrophysiological diagnostic technologists, n.e.c. (not elsewhere classified)



We will find you the best student program in Canada to study in and to receive a valuable Canadian Diploma in over 36 occupations! This can also be done in less than a year!!



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