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Do you have representatives in other countries?

  • For today we have no such representatives. It is expensive to have local offices and we strive to keep our costs low and endevour to pass on the savings to our clients. We visit these countries fairly often, and thus can service our clientele personally. This allows us to offer personal service while holding down our prices. Moreover, in the past, we had our representatives in a number of countries, but found out, that it was expensive and problematic, because we had come across the situation...

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Comprehensive Immigration Reform in the USA is very close to be enacted! Don't miss your chance and contact our offices today for a free and confidential evaluation of your case!


Canadian Immigration:

Hurry! New rules related to Canadian student visa process are now in effect. Don't miss your chance!


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Unlike temporary visas, immigrant visas are given to foreign nationals who can stay on a more permanent basis.

  • Temporary Visas
  • J-1 wavers
  • Extension of Stay
  • Student Visas
  • Green Cards (Permanent Residency)
  • Through Employment
  • Through Marriage
  • Through Relative
  • Through Adoption



Canadian Immigration


Our firm will evaluate your chances for Canadian Immigration based on the following criteria

Every person, considering immigrating abroad, realizes the crucial changes he has to face and is not always ready to risk everything he has in order to try a new unknown life in another country or another continent. Let’s start with some statistics. Every third person in Ukraine and the world is thinking about immigrating. This is testified by the data obtained from sociological survey. The survey has also shown that the majority of those who want to immigrate are youth and people with higher education. Many years USA and Canada have been countries which traditionally accept a large quantity of immigrants. Let’s dwell upon immigrating to Canada in detail.

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